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Fake Beer Belly Prank


Try a truly priceless prank anytime and increase the happy vibe around you! Regardless if you're planning to do it on a holiday, during an event or on a dull and tedious regular workday, you can relax and be guaranteed of a highly entertaining prank that is distinct enough to keep everyone talking about the whole shenanigan, for months after!

A Fake Beer Belly Prank may just be a superb addition to your prank accomplishments, or you can have it as your first ever prank to pull off. No matter what kind of a prankster you are: an expert or a novice, a Fake Beer Belly Prank is truly amusing, funny and amazing — all with the help of a realistic and convincing Fake Belly from FakeABaby!

Our extensive collection of Fake Bellies and Fake Pregnancy Costumes are very exciting! Get to experience wearing different bellies according to the pregnancy stage and you'll find the whole escapade truly thrilling! And the Santa Clause Belly Costume is one of our hottest products this time of the year!

Are you a certified fitness buff? Shock your family and relatives on your upcoming reunion with your massive and totally realistic beer belly, made possible by the FakeABaby Fake Beer Belly!

Need a Santa Belly quickly for a performance or an event? Don't look tacky and end up looking like a Santa… but on a diet! Wear the Santa Belly and impress everyone with your perfect Santa Claus look!

Or perhaps, take it to the next level and shock your relatives who are coming over for a holiday with your big baby bump. Choose from 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester fake pregnancy belly and pull off this prank, for entertainment purposes only!

Simply looking forward a pregnant look for a photo-shoot or a performance? The FakeABaby Fake Pregnancy Belly looks far from fake! Made from silicone and high-quality materials, you will be delighted by how real it looks and feels!

Men and women will have a totally fun and exhilarating get-together with this intriguingly attractive item. So, feel free to choose among our Fake Pregnancy Bellies and pick the size that perfectly suits you and your setup! 

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