Say Hooray! With a Fake X-Ray –


Say Hooray! With a Fake X-Ray

Fake X-ray

For the craziest, wackiest, and most amusing pranks, FakeABaby is your go-to place!

If you're leaning towards pulling off a prank that's mind-boggling, controversial, hilarious, intriguing and everything in between, you have certainly picked the right source for that. FakeABaby is proud to offer its wide selection of fantastic gag gifts and hilarious prank toys that are all set to provide shock, entertainment and amusement. Whatever the case may be, one thing's for sure — y'all are bound to create brilliant memories with that playful antic!

‘Tis the season to be jolly... and the perfect season for a tomfoolery! Your family and friends may be getting busy these days, with all those deadlines prior to the Christmas rush, so expect all of them to become preoccupied as the holidays get nearer. Take advantage of the opportunity and plan for a funny prank for your 'unknowing' prank victims, and brace yourselves for the most wicked yet laugh-worthy moment of your life!

The Personalized X-Ray from FakeABaby guarantees a perfect prank meant to upset your prank victims, and drive them crazy! These days, a fake x-ray is unexpected. It is a type of prank that is uncommon and it's very unlikely that your family, colleagues or friends have encountered such a marvelous prank item. Do the honors and carry out a Fake X-Ray prank seamlessly and conveniently with our Personalized X-Ray that you will find yourself humorous and totally captivating!

Put a spark in a regular day by sending a fake x-ray to your parents, sibling or buddy and wait for their "OMG's!" about that fake bottle up in your ass!

Don't let anyone forget a special occasion! Evoke shock and terror among your guests aka prank victims by showing a personalized fake x-ray with your name and the laboratory details on it.

Have a blast this coming Christmas and New Year with the best holiday joke in the form of a Fake X-Ray Prank. Visualize their horror upon learning that there's a bottle of Heini up in your ass, and you are still capable of dancing the night away. Wow, what a talent!

When you order, provide details such as the doctor's name, patient's name, hospital name, date of x-ray and which broken bone you prefer. Then be amazed by how realistic and professional-looking your Personalized Fake X-Ray could get, and prepare yourself for an enormous fun with your prank! 

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