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Spread Ultimate Fun on a Holiday

Let happiness and hilarity make your Thanksgiving Day or any other holiday even more memorable and even better, by driving your loved ones insane temporarily, with a fake pregnancy prank!

Let us help you achieve a legendary Thanksgiving Day prank that’s bound to leave you and your family with truly happy memories! Your Thanksgiving Day celebration may soon be over, but reminiscing the cherish-worthy flashbacks and the much-needed laughter will surely make your dull day even brighter! Goofing around with your friends is fun. And getting silly while still being loved is best enjoyed with your family!

FakeABaby offers an amusing assortment of gag gifts and prank items that are perfect for that perfect Thanksgiving Day prank! Pull it off on a family member, or make a fake pregnancy announcement in front of your parents (or better yet, the whole clan!) and you're all gonna be in for an astounding and truly monumental time for the whole fam to simply laugh and bond!

Trick your siblings into thinking that you are pregnant on Thanksgiving Day by 'accidentally' (but intentionally, in reality!) dropping a copy of a fake ultrasound in front of her. See her reaction as she picks it up from the floor, and reads your name on it!

Reveal to your parents that you are expecting by showing them a false positive result from your Fake Pregnancy Test. Whether you witness delight or shock on their faces, y’all will be impressed by how funny and crazy it is!

And the prettiest and on-point way to pull off a fake pregnancy prank towards your fam? Simply wear the FakeABaby Fake Pregnant Belly (in 1st, 2nd or 3rd trimester sizes) and let them guess what's really happening!

Are your relatives coming over? Have a blast on your reunion by wearing the FakeABaby Silicone Huge Boobies and see how puzzled they get as they guess if you have gone under the knife and went for breast implants!

Make sure that your prank is 'For Entertainment Purposes' only so you and your loved ones will have so much fun immersing yourselves into a pool of laughter and giggles! Choose from our wide range of prank toys for your revolutionary (and uber crazy!) Thanksgiving Day Prank or Post-Thanksgiving Day Joke!

Image Source: StockSnap / 28434 images via Pixabay under the Creative Commons CC0 license.

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