Funny Halloween Pranks 2018 –


Funny Halloween Pranks 2018


This year, show your crazy side and leave an impact by pulling off one of the funny Halloween pranks 2018 that's very funny and ultimately engaging, it'll be a Halloween that's difficult to be forgotten by your family and friends!

Plan for the easiest yet most effective Halloween Prank ever! Our silicone pregnant bellies are the perfect tool for you to achieve that lifelong dream of having a monumental fake pregnancy prank. Halloween is the most appropriate time to unleash your mean and crazy side by getting involved in a fake pregnancy prank that is bound to bring out lots of massive reactions!

Accompany your existing Halloween idea with a FakeABaby Halloween item and it's going to be a sure hit! Be pregnant this coming Halloween by wearing our fabric fake pregnant belly or our very realistic silicone pregnancy belly. Everyone will have a great time seeing a pregnant 'The Nun' or witnessing a pregnant vampire. Your Halloween costume will be phenomenal!

Having a dilemma on what to wear on your Halloween party? Up your Halloween style by sporting a Halloween look that is both scary and sexy. Wear a pair of our silicone huge boobies and unleash the vixen in you! Our FakeABaby Silicone Huge Boobies are perfect for any Halloween costume.

Wanting to carry out a Halloween prank? Pull off a Halloween fake pregnancy prank, a Halloween fake boob job prank, or a Halloween fake butt implant prank, and you are guaranteed to scare them in the easiest and classiest way!

Present a Halloween prank in the form of our 'mystical' fake pregnancy test kits! Our FakeABaby fake pregnancy test kits always yield a false positive so whoever and whatever uses our fake pregnancy test kit, the result is always a positive one. Pregnant—confirmed!

Let’s go for the awesomest funny Halloween pranks 2018!

Image: Karen_Nadine / 270 images via Pixabay under the Creative Commons CC0

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