Simple Guidance On How To Get a 2D Fake Ultrasound –


Simple Guidance On How To Get a 2D Fake Ultrasound

Need a gag gift that is easy to obtain yet fuels a not-so-basic reaction and laughter? Our 2D fake ultrasounds are worth checking out!

They say that pranks can be a little challenging to carry out. You need to plan ahead, organize the details of the whole setup, do the costing and the total expenses, exert your creativity and hard work while pulling it off, and then be prepared to tidy up the funny mess afterwards...but not anymore!

The traditional thinking about pranks and gags have been changed by the stress-free yet effective pranks these days—and FakeABaby makes that possible! Now, you need not stress yourself from all the madness and demands of engaging in a prank. FakeABaby is here to provide you with practical, funny, simple yet highly effective prank items and gag gifts that ensure a successful pranking experience and a delighted moment for everyone!

Our 2D fake ultrasounds look like the real and legitimate ultrasounds that you get from actual laboratories, clinics, or hospitals. Have an exciting time choosing from 12 fake ultrasound versions! Feel free to pick either a 2D ultrasound 4-6 weeks, twins, triplets, or one with horns! Choose from 4 paper types and 4 paper sizes, then include the patient's name, number, hospital, doctor's name, father's name, date and time, and even having the option to add the security hologram to the document. Wondrous!

We offer two versions of 2D fake ultrasounds: Phillips or GE type. Our fake ultrasounds look absolutely real—how much more if it shows the Phillips or GE labels? No one will even doubt the authenticity of these funny gag gifts because the label will surely take the genuine-feature and believable characteristics of this crazy gag gifts a notch higher!

With how easy, seamless, and stress-free a 2D fake ultrasound can be actualized, it's no wonder why many pranksters, both beginners and experienced, love the shocking, intriguing, and entertaining factor-rolled into one-of the legit-looking 2D fake ultrasounds from FakeABaby! 

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