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Top Minimalist Pranks


Carry out a prank idea that is less awkward, more fun, and more engaging by including the interesting items from FakeABaby on your next prank! See for yourself how you can be able to transform a funny idea into a spectacular prank without having to endure the difficulties of setting up a huge pranking escapade that involves tedious work and lots of hours setting it up, with a guarantee of a successful prank.

Bring new meaning to the world "prank" by pulling off a gag that is both funny and memorable. Times have changed, and minimalist pranks are becoming the "in" thing these days. It doesn't mean that if a prank is elaborate or big, it will be guaranteed to be successful. Sometimes, all we need is an effective prank item that will make us immerse ourselves and our prank victims into a exciting pranking escapade that they will never forget!

Engaging pranks allow the people whom you will victimize to have an experiential, in-depth moment that will totally convince them of believing that the whole scenario is true! Achieve this with a fake pregnancy test kit that provides a "positive" result from any liquid­­—all the time! Treat your prank victims into an awe-inspiring time witnessing a nearly impossible thing (male getting pregnant, whoa!) right before their eyes.

Another engaging prank that you'll find very exciting is the fake pregnant belly prank. Let your prank victim touch your silicone pregnant belly and you'll see their reactions that they are really drawn into thinking that it's the real thing as it looks and moves realistically. The FakeABaby fake pregnant belly is one of the hottest item offered by FakeABaby. Newbie and expert pranksters use it for their fake pregnancy pranks. Even filmmakers and producers choose our high-quality fake baby bump to justify a pregnant character successfully!

Have an enormously happy moment with a fake ultrasound prank! If you're leaning towards an inviting gag then you and your friends will find this gag truly exceptional! It's gonna be 'inviting' as anyone will be very interested to know how far along you are! Trick them into thinking that you are having a baby and hear their loud chortles as they find your name and all the other near-to-actual details on it making the whole experience truly a meaningful and extraordinary one!

For an easy-to-accomplish prank, you can go for a fake butt prank! Wearing the silicone butt pads from FakeABaby, you'll achieve a just-underwent-a-butt-augmentation figure that's bound to wow your prank victims! Prank them that you've just recently had a butt implant!

Now more than ever, you can enjoy a minimalist and effortless prank idea that can produce lots of laughter and fun with the FakeABaby gag gifts and prank items!

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