How to Get Your Fake 2D Ultrasound ASAP –


How to Get Your Fake 2D Ultrasound ASAP

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Planning something for the weekend? Wanna add some twist to your vacay? Already feeling a lot better on your sick leave? Got some time to kill? Or simply trying to find something that's reenergizing? This is the perfect time to let your creative juice flow and allow a wonderfully amusing time add some happiness and bliss into your life!

When you're feeling down and boredom really paralyzes you, making you feel uninspired and de-motivated, then here's a good news. Pulling off an easy and funny prank may just be exactly the activity that your tired mind and body needs! It's like having a quick getaway from your usual routine. It resembles a splash of cold water on your face on a warm day - so refreshing! A prank will surely cheer you up, and will in turn make your victim/s and other people feeling cheery too with all those giggles and laughter!

Are you time constrained? Too lazy to set up a highly-detailed prank, and don't want to spend a lot of money for an elaborate prank then it's just practical to do a fake ultrasound prank. If a fake ultrasound gagging idea just sparked on your head in the morning and you are wanting to obtain a fake ultrasound ASAP then, don't you worry! Buy fake ultrasound pictures at Fake a Baby! Fake a Baby will ensure that you'll get a fake 2D ultrasound in just a few hours!

Read on the reasons as to why our Digital 2D Ultrasound Fast Email Only Delivery Express is one of our best-sellers!

1. Speedy

You've read that right. You'd get a digital version of our fake 2D ultrasound in just a few hours, making sure that you accomplish your plan for a spoof in no time.

2. Realistic

Fake a Baby has achieved the reputation of being the leading name in personalized fake ultrasounds. We offer a collection of fake ultrasounds that look legitimate, resembling those ultrasounds given by a doctor, OB GYN or a sonologist. You will really have a hard time convincing even yourself that our fake ultrasounds are actually "fake".

3. Affordable

Get the digital version of our fake 2D ultrasound for a discounted price of $9.95. Sweet!

4. Effective

With the ability to control yourself from laughing while expressing your acting talent, alongside a good "storyboard" and for your prank, your fake ultrasound prank will be successful!

Choose the between these two versions:

2D Ultrasound 7-8 Weeks

2D Ultrasound 11-12 Weeks

5. Personalized

Fake a Baby wants you to have a massive fun, so we have provided an option to put Your/Patient's Name to appear on the fake ultrasound. Customizing it is so easy!

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Digital 2D Ultrasound Fast Email Only Delivery Express

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