Make Your Fantasy Come True –


Make Your Fantasy Come True


Fulfill your inner desire to pull off the wackiest and the most outrageous prank that you have been secretly and subconsciously wanting to carry out for years. Fake a Baby is happy to help you satiate that craving of doing the ultimate prank that you will surely find thrilling and enlivening! Choose from our most dazzling collection of gag gifts and items that are set to make your tricking escapade a huge success, and you'll be in for a totally humorous and uplifting moment for you and for those around you!

If you're in search for an inspiration for your next spoof, try browsing through the hundreds of prank ideas here: Fake a Baby Blog and you will surely find the right gag for your idea! Pick a Fake a Baby item to help your pranking project turn into fruition!

All of the items brought to you by Fake a Baby are of high-quality, incredibly hilarious and realistic, and one of our most raved products is the fake ultrasound.

We have plenty of fake ultrasound and fake sonogram versions to choose from and we admit, all of them are super entertaining and fun!

The 2D fake ultrasounds are very much admired by those who want a classic looking 2D ultrasound. Flat images, but still clear and crisp - even your friends who are already mommies and daddies will assume that it's a valid ultrasound!

The fake 3D ultrasounds on the other hand are well loved by those pranksters who are keen to shock their prank victims with a pregnancy announcement using more vivid, 3-dimensional images of the baby showing more defined features.

If you want a modernized look and an edgy appeal, the New Fake Ultrasound Designs are set to please! See the distinct and sharper look with a version that's obviously more avant-garde then the New Fake Ultrasound Design is the right one for you!


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