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Payback Prank


Make them pay with these pranks...

If you are a newbie in the pranking world and don't know where and how to start, then you should learn how to prank. It’s gonna be fun—that’s a guarantee! Fake a Baby has a wide array of gag gifts that are bound to suit both the easiest pranks and even the most complex gags. The items from Fake a Baby has been a huge help in making first pranks truly unforgettable and have become a part of memorable and totally riotous celebrations and milestones in life!

For certified pranksters, using the Fake a Baby prank items will meet your adventurous and bold taste in carrying out your tomfoolery. If you desire a gag that's something new and something fresh, then simply browse through the pranking inspirations from Fake a Baby and you will surely discover the right gagging escapade for you!

Steal the show by pulling off a Fake Boob Job prank wearing the Silicone Huge Boobies from Fake a Baby. Be the talk of the town and make those ladies who have been a b*tch to you become green with envy as you show off your curves with your bigger cup size. Let them think that you recently had some breast implants and you have the $$$ for it! Make them totally envious with your sultrier figure and newfound confidence!

Got a flat ass? Don't worry, the Fake a Baby Silicone Butt Pads are here for you! Get bigger and more pronounced backside in just a few seconds. The Fake a Baby Silicone Butt Pads are made with medical grade silicone and a highly stretchy tummy controlling fabric to boost your butt size and make your abdomen flatter and tighter.

Wanna have some riotous moment with your cheating ex? Send a Fake a BabyFake Ultrasound to his email address or post a copy of it on his social media page, and get the revenge that you need - and the punishment that he deserves! Remember to make it a temporary one and to simply give him a momentary but severe headache or trauma. Be classy and just do it for entertainment purposes only!

With Fake a Baby, you'll have nonstop options for prank items and gag gifts, as well as never-ending helpful pranking ideas and tips that you need in order to pull off that payback prank or any practical joke that you are visualizing. Make it happen!

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