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Pregnancy Document Pranks

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Looking for an amazing add-on to your fake pregnancy test prank, fake baby bump prank or fake ultrasound prank? We all know that the said standalone jokes are already funny in their own way, but if you could amplify the fun and intensify the laughter after divulging your prank, then it is an excellent idea to add some spark and sprinkle some more cheer to your primary prank. Include a Personalized Fake Proof of Pregnancy Document to your existing tomfoolery and double the happiness and hilarity afterwards with the Fake a Baby fake pregnancy documents!

Imagine yourself showing a false positive pregnancy test to your prank victims. You will need to muster all your courage in stopping yourself from laughing as you enjoy their shaken and confused reactions! Then think about how they will respond to a yet another element that will increase their shock – by showing them a fake proof of pregnancy document after letting them see your fake pregnancy test will surely test their endurance in handling shocking situations such as this - and will also try your stamina in controlling your laughter!

Sporting a fake belly bump to fool your friends and neighbors? Keep a fake proof of pregnancy document handy when you go grocery shopping or you need to grab some lunch and don't have the patience to fall in line. If they feel doubtful, show them a fake proof of pregnancy document and let them humiliate themselves in being mean to a 'pregnant woman', LOL!

Prank your parents and siblings at home with a fake ultrasound prank. Stick it on the fridge door or leave a copy of it on your bed. Then make the scenario even harder for them to accept by unintentionally dropping a fake proof of pregnancy anywhere at home. Wait for them to confront you in 5,4,3,2,1 – Boom!

Make the Fake a Baby Fake Pregnancy Document yours by personalizing it the way you want it! Provide the patient's name, fake date when the pregnancy test was taken, a fake doctor's name, fake pregnancy term and other details that will make your document seem authentic. The sticker that says "lab certified" and the embossed seal will make it even more legitimate looking, making your fake pregnancy gag a successful one!

See more of Fake a Baby’s fake pregnancy documents and have fun!

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