Preggy on April Fools Day Only –


Preggy on April Fools Day Only

The possibilities are endless if you freely allow your creative juice to flow! And express that gagging artistry in making your April Fools Day even better this year with a more unique, bolder and fun-ner April Fools Day prank!

April Fool's Day is the perfect time of the year to loosen up and pull off a hilarious prank. A perfect excuse to carry out a harmless gag. A prank is a focal point of April Fool's Day so it is indeed the most opportune moment to have a good laugh after a successful prank is made towards your family and friends. And since it is April Fools, they will surely, absolutely and definitely understand!

And what could be the easiest yet most foolproof prank to pull off on April 1st? There are heaps of ideas of course, but there is this one special prank that stands out because of how convincing and seamless it is, not to mention extremely amusing, and that is a fake pregnancy prank!

A fake pregnancy prank is the perfect April Fool's Day gag if you lean towards a classy and spicier joke. Because pregnancy is a natural thing; a common occurrence that happens to most women, your prank victims will surely believe you in your pregnancy announcement right there and then!

There's lots of ways to pull off a fake pregnancy joke. It is one of the easiest pranks in the world! All it takes is some creativity and an amazingly realistic element to "prove" to your gag victims that you are really pregnant. Pick an element below that you could use for your April Fools Day joke!

1. Fake Pregnancy Test

2. Fake Ultrasound

3. Fake Sonogram Video

4. Fake Pregnancy Announcement

5. Fake Pregnancy Belly

So come on! Browse through our remarkable collection of April Fools Day prank items and gag gifts to brighten everyone's day on the 1st of April!

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