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Fake Ultrasound with Horns & Middle Finger

For sure this 2015, resolutions come rushing in. Getting fit, living a healthy lifestyle, taking a course, getting a botox, building a startup, traveling, saving up, among others. We have high hopes for this year, full of optimism and vigor. We want to start anew, aiming for a fresh start and cool ideas. If you want to spice up your home or workplace then why not device a plan, a naughty plan at that? Prank them and let them go laughing out loud - a sure great way to start off the year!

Having a hard time choosing which prank to pull? Of course there are tons of ideas! But what if you don't have the luxury of time? What if you don't want to spend hundreds of bucks for it? What if you don't want to exhaust all your energy preparing and organizing? Well then the fake ultrasound prank may be the perfect one for you! If it’s not something new, then why not show them a fake ultrasound with horns? How about your baby giving the middle finger? Or both? your choice! This is gonna be so much fun!

If you're already preggers then now is the right time to get even with your spouse. Think of the manifold of reactions from him when you break the fake news.

Make sure to capture his being a temporary schizoid on cam! It's a moment of an unforgettable hilarity for sure. Order your fake ultrasound with horns or a fake ultrasound with the middle finger now! 

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