Twins or Triplets? Fake it with a Fake Ultrasound –


Twins or Triplets? Fake it with a Fake Ultrasound

Grab one of our most wanted product - the 2D Fake a Baby fake ultrasound!

The 2D fake ultrasound allows you to pull off a prank in so many ways! That's because your creativity isn't only restricted to one type of ultrasound. Yes, you could carry out a practical joke with one fetus showing on your sonogram, and that's very exciting, but what if you're able to show two, or three? Then that absolutely means it'll be twice or thrice the fun! You'll never know how you could be able to spread cheer with this fake ultrasound that looks 100% real.

If you're creative enough, there's a myriad of choices as to how and where to use a fake ultrasound, but generally this is a great highlight to pull off a successful antic with your BFF. Pretend that you're actually on your 10th week of pregnancy and expect shocking reactions. Fool your mom that she's gonna have three new grandkids soon. If you're currently preggers then spoof your hubby that you're expecting triplets. See different emotions all at once while you take the stage in pulling off the most hilarious moment of your life, that'll leave you all chuckling with uberly happy memories!

Best of all, this isn't only an item mainly for pranking, but is becoming more of a favorite element in bridal shindigs, bachelorette parties and stag events. What a way to add some giggles and fun on a very special moment with the people close to your heart.

So what are you waiting for? Drop the make-believe news of becoming a soon-to-be mom to triplets. Personalize your fake ultrasound order HERE.

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