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Turn a Sick Day Into A Pranking Day!

A harmless prank is the most ideal way to have an entertaining time all year round! Some pranks may sometimes be humiliating for your part, but could actually provide tons of benefits. Providing a good laugh for the people involved is already given, but if you have your personal reasons as to why you really need to do it then succeeding on it is icing on the cake! Pulling off a prank by pretending that you're sick or ailing is perfectly fine, as long as you do not intend to fool them for too long by telling the truth afterwards! The "waiting time" for this of course depends on you. Ever want to transform a sick day to an awesome prank? Want to turn your boss's dismay into bursts of laughter? Does the thought of the initial cringes changed into chuckles after hearing the truth makes you feel good? Then a fake x-ray gag item is all you need!

A personalized fake x-ray is a great gag stuff for pranking your family members, friends and coworkers! You can indicate the bone that you want to appear broken on the x-ray and fill out your details to make this prank looking more authentic. Aside from using it as a prank item, the fake x-ray is also a great gag gift for birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, April Fool's or a Just Because present!

Capture your victims' reactions transition from shock, to laughter and create a positive vibe around you, ensuring a reinvigorated feeling in the days to come! 

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