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KISS: Do It With a Fake Pregnancy Test Prank

Wanna pull off a prank? Then follow the KISS rule! Keeping it simple will spare you from all the hassle of setting up a complicated prank that will not only tire you but will drain your pocket as well. With an amazing imagination, you can pull off a creative prank using the most realistic gag item ever developed- the classic fake pregnancy test from Fake a Baby! A fake pregnancy test prank can be mean, because you will be inflicting the most shocking or emotionally-draining 3 minutes of their lifetime. Prolonging their suffering is definitely up to you! But come to think of it, you won't get to hurt them or even hurt yourself pulling off this fuss-free joke!

With this tiny package comes the most mind-blowing prank. The test strips, sterile pads, urine collection vial, and an instruction with medical gibberish will not only confuse your victim but will make her believe ultimately! Every test will always yield a false positive- how interesting is that! The best part of it is that it comes with two test strips, so if your victim wants to take it twice or you want to pull off a prank to another worthy friend of yours, then you don't need to worry! Pull off this amazing prank by yourself or allow your "virgin" friend have a miraculous "immaculate conception"- in front of her parents!

The classic fake pregnancy test is a great item which you can use to allow your Christmas prank dream come to life! This is also a favorite stuff that bridesmaids and groomsmen use to prank their to-be-wed friend on their bachelor or bachelorette parties! 

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