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Have Fun with a Fake DNA Test Anytime!

It doesn't need to be April Fool's Day for you to prank your family, a friend or a colleague. If you're feeling stressed or your friend's getting so irritable because of either school or work pressures then you could definitely poke fun with them anytime! This is a great way to have a good laugh and relieve your own stresses and for your friend to relax a bit. Pulling off a practical joke using the Fake a Baby Fake DNA Test is one of the easiest pranks that have a very high success rate of fun. You don’t need any other stuff- just yourself, the lucky person you’re pranking, the fake dna test and you’re good to go!

So what is a fake DNA test anyway?

The fake DNA test is beginning to gain a reputation of being a perfect gag item for birthday parties. It is also becoming a hit thing for bachelor and bachelorette parties. The package includes a collection kit with cotton swabs and test tubes, and a DNA “match” or “mismatch” certificate. You can certainly create a plan to achieve the most laughable moment in you and your victim’s life. You could pretend that your significant other isn’t the mother or father of your child. Act as if the mailman or delivery guy is the real parent of your baby. Confess to your siblings or best friend that the hottest guy in town is the actual father of your son.    

Pranking once in a while does not only relieve the tension brought about by the daily stresses of life. It stirs up creativity and is very beneficial to your well being because laughter is the best medicine! You don’t need to throw away a lot of money for creating a pretty impressive prank. No props or extra materials needed. No time to prepare. You can be guaranteed of the most genuine looking DNA match certificate that could absolutely convince anyone only from Fake a Baby!

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