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Have Fun with a Fake Ultrasound Prank

It's so fun pulling off a fake ultrasound prank! It's very easy, fuss-free and convincing. If you're asking yourself, "Where do I get a fake ultrasound with my name on it?”, then you've just come to the right place! The wide array of fake personalized ultrasound by Fake a Baby is a cool collection of fake sonograms that just look so real, you will absolutely have a great time fooling your friends that you're expecting or joke your family that you're actually conceiving- and get so many gifts! This is also a great gag item that can be used for bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthday parties and could serve as a gentle gag for Christmas! Capture their reaction on vid and sure you'll have the most memorable (and funniest!) moment that could still bring some laughs in the years to come.

There are actually different types of fake ultrasounds available. There's the classic 2D fake ultrasound which is in black and white and the 3D fake ultrasounds which are available in black and white and in colored. You can personalize it by choosing the stage of pregnancy and the gender, as well as providing a doctor's name and hospital, all of which shouldn't be real. You pick the paper type of your choice, with their corresponding sizes and you will get two copies with every order so there are a lot of people to pull this funny prank on!

If you want to have the best fake ultrasound prank, use the most authentic looking fake sonograms only at Fake a Baby!   

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