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Spooky and Funny Halloween Ideas



Grant your Halloween prank victims with that mind-boggling and incredibly intriguing time thinking over and over again if your announcement is true or not! Their intuition may compel them to question you, but the realistic documents that you have shown will totally convince them to believe you right there and then!

Keep them shocked all while entertaining them with the help of the Fake Pregnancy Documents from FakeABaby. With these funny gag gifts and prank toys, pulling off your Halloween prank for this year will be ultimately funny and tasteful than ever!

A Personalized Fake Newspaper Birth Announcement is incredibly fantastic because not only does it serve as an excellent tool for a humorous prank, but you can surely use it to publish an important milestone in your life on a real newsprint! If you were unable to have your baby's birth announcement printed on your local newspaper, this document will make the arrival of your bundle of joy memorable. Frame it and keep it as a memento, alongside your baby's photos and first items, so your child can realize how much you treasure her existence when she grows up as she looks through these items with fondness!

As a prank, the Personalized Fake Newspaper Birth Announcement is a topnotch item. Show your friends that your group's biggest crush is already a dad as you prank them by having that hot guy's name printed on newspaper. See them in tears as you secretly express that naughty grin!

Or better yet, intensify your being a mischievous gal by having your name printed on it as well, making them realize that you and the guy are a couple. So crazy, LOL!

The Personalized Proof of Pregnancy is also an excellent prank toy for Halloween! Make an announcement that you're preggers differently. Pulling off a fake pregnancy prank is super funny using our fake pregnancy tests, fake ultrasounds and even fake pregnancy bumps of course; but using this document that looks so real and so professional — they will really think that it came from a real laboratory or doctor's office — you will be surprised as to how your Halloween prank will leave them dumbfounded, and how all of you are bound to have a good laugh afterwards!

Customizing the Personalized Proof of Pregnancy is very easy, not to mention entertaining! Provide the patient's name, age, date of birth, address, age of pregnancy, date of test collection, etc. and you will be surprised how authentic and legitimate it gets. You can also have the option of adding a security hologram to your document!

So go ahead, pull off your Halloween prank on the 31st of October in a distinctive and classy way!

Image Source: Fotoshautnah / 6 images via Pixabay under the Creative Commons CC0 license.

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