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Tasteful Retribution

Image Source: Comfreak / 265 images via Pixabay under the CC0 Public Domain license.


Pick the best fake pregnancy test for your prank, movie or film production, bachelorette and bridal party, or even for your avenging needs! But only obtain them from the world leader in high-quality and exceptionally convincing gag gifts and prank items - that's FakeABaby!

Gone are the days when you had to get even with those people who messed up with you. The moments where you apply the adage "An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth" is almost over. Oftentimes, we feel that taking revenge is tacky – we do not want to get even using the same mistake that people inflict to us and we don’t want to stoop down to their level. Some of us let it go, while most of us prefer to vindicate ourselves by taking revenge in a classy and a tasteful payback at that!

Women these days are sophisticated. They do not want to feel like they have lost or they do not want to be deemed as someone who made a fool out of themselves. So with their crazy boyfriends, they pull off a classy fake pregnancy prank - not to keep those jerks of course, but to give them a one helluva time realizing their mistakes - before these girls leave them for good! Giving those guys the gift of headache (or migraine!) and tricking them that they are actually preggers for a few minutes is traumatizing enough and is already a good revenge to show the guy who is the real winner. As long as you do not inflict long term damages and your prank is done "for entertainment purposes only" - then you are on the right, classy track!



Aside from those naughty and wacky activities, the fake pregnancy test from FakeABaby is also a great energizer at home or at work. Are you getting all burnt out from the daily demands at home? Prank your parents or siblings that you are preggers and enjoy their hilarious reactions once you have revealed to them that everything was just a joke. Want to brighten up your coworker's day? Leave a fake pregnancy test at the restroom and brace yourselves for shouts, screams and violent reactions!

Now is the right time for that sexy and chic counterplay! Pick from FakeABaby's fake pregnancy test collection HERE and start planning for that exquisite fake pregnancy test joke that you have been visualizing!

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