The Joy of Pranking –


The Joy of Pranking

The joys of pulling off a prank with funny gag gifts totally rocks! As long as what you're planning is purely for fun and entertainment, the joke that you're gonna pull off is harmless and that so-called white lie is temporary, you will realize that the adage "You reap what you sow." is definitely true!

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You know how stressed out your parents are at work, just to give your family a comfortable life that you all deserve. You cannot ignore the fact that your sister is super exhausted with all the projects at med school that she needed to fulfill. You know how your colleague is feeling right now when she started confiding how burned out she is at work. You and your boyfriend are getting busier and busier and needed to spice things up. You wanna surprise your husband with a joke that will make your upcoming anniversary more memorable and definitely more laughable. These stuff may be considered as trivial, but the mere fact that you are aware of what your loved ones are going through, and that you aim of making them happy, changing their dreary day into a moment of laughter and fun, uhm, well, that's LOVE!

Expressing your love thru gifts, such as expensive material things is fine, but how come the popularity of Do-It-Yourself stuff are extraordinarily rising? Why does the gift of experience is getting much more appreciation than those items, expensive or not, which can be purchased quickly and easily? You may defensively say, that "It's the thought that counts!"- well, that may be true, but admit it or not, you yourself would love to have an amazing moment with your loved ones who have created a surprise with their time and effort, browsing through the photos where you see your molars and throat while you laughed extremely out over a prank or a funny surprise. It sure is much, much more memorable over an expensive pair of earrings or that branded top, right?

Browse through a collection of funny gag gifts HERE on your way to achieving immense joy in pranking! :D

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