Be Fascinated by this Halloween or Birthday Fake DNA Joke –


Be Fascinated by this Halloween or Birthday Fake DNA Joke

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Yep a Halloween joke- and a unique one at that!

It's never too late to get even with your naughty friends and ever-supportive-yet-a-pain-in-the-neck-at-times-siblings! Plan for a fantastic Halloween fake DNA test joke on them this Halloween and brace yourselves for a shocking yet totally crazy prank thereafter!

Know someone who's a medical laboratory technologist? Great news if her birthday is already coming! A fake DNA test pulled off towards someone who's performing DNA tests (and some other lab tests) for a living is just too awesome to pass up!

If you or your friend is taking up a Medical Technologist or a Lab Technician course, and is on her way of becoming a certified one, a fake DNA test joke may be something that they'd hate at first, but will surely make them beam with gladness afterwards! And if you are you tasked to organize a party for her, why not make it DNA-test themed? A fake DNA test gag is also something comical to incorporate to the program.

You think they'd waste their time verifying the truth of your fake DNA test with a real DNA collector? Maybe, but you could have actually divulged the truth way before they do that!

This is also a perfect past-time if you're feeling curious on what a DNA test kit looks like!

With the two test strips, you can as if "prove" that you or your victim is genetically matched to anyone - Bill Gates, William Shakespeare, Lebron James- as in anyone!

Two test strips are included in this test. Whether you use urine or saliva, the test strips will turn blue, signifying that two people's DNA is a "Match".

What are you waiting for? Have a blast with this Halloween fake DNA test, perfect to boost the awesome-ness of your post-Halloween joke, and a prank for all types of celebration!



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