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Halloween Breast Augmentation Prank

So you've been the talk of the town ever since. Not because of a body odor and definitely not because of you being a b*tch. No. Yours is the name who's always brought up whenever a woman who has the boy's physique is talked about - someone who's a perpetual Cup A. You've been too classy in carrying yourself well whenever they tease you - but admit it or not, there are times that you just want to scream at the top of your lungs and avenge yourself against those rude and annoying people! But you're certainly too chic to lose yourself over them. You’re a smart woman who won't spend your hard earned money for a boob job just to spite them, and you're definitely not the type who'd go through an agonizing downtime after your breast surgery. You are after all an remarkable lady who could easily become cunning, scheming and fun loving, instantaneously, and that you've been actually thinking of having some funny halloween gag gifts to help you with a brilliant Halloween prank soon!

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Well, you can treat you’re a**hole neighbors into a one-of-a-kind prank that will put them into sleepless hours due to perplexity and confusion. Make them sooo jealous of your new figure too! This Halloween, put on that sleek Catwoman suit or a sexy devil costume, and make their jaws drop by getting a generous oomp – with the newest pair of fake silicone boobs from Fake a Baby! The soft touch silicone fake boobs from Fake a Baby is made of a high-quality material that looks and feels very flesh-like. You'd look sexier and more appealing, and will make any dress look good on you! Go to your victim’s doorstep with a basket-ful of candies, and show them your new cleavage (don't forget to contour it using makeup so it'll be more enhanced!) - and astonish them. The Halloween breast augmentation prank is definitely a classy option in taking revenge and vindicating yourself! 

Fake a Baby is the one and only supplier of these soft touch bra inserts in the US so you're guaranteed of only the best! 

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