The Ultimate Fake Pregnancy Bellies! –


The Ultimate Fake Pregnancy Bellies!

It's so fun to wear a fake pregnancy belly, especially if they are made of silicone and look and feel absolutely real! FakeABaby is proud to offer you not only with the best gag gifts on Earth, but also with the most exceptional, realistic, and high-quality fake pregnancy bellies, fake bellies, and fake baby bumps!

Try a huge prank this year sans the stress, intricacy, and huge expenses with the help of the FakeABaby prank toys and gag gifts. Our fake pregnancy bellies are a topnotch choice for those who are leaning towards a fake pregnancy prank or a fake pregnancy belly prankbecause they look ultimately realistic, that even the wearer will be totally impressed by how 'experiential' the feeling is from wearing the FakeABaby fake pregnancy bellies. Your next prank will become a sure hit and one for the books if you try pulling off a fake pregnancy prank or a fake belly prank with the help of our wondrous silicone pregnancy bellies!

Need a pregnant costume? No problem! FakeABaby can provide you with a fake baby bump that will suit you perfectly. No matter what size you need, there's got to be a FakeABaby fake pregnancy belly for you! Our fake pregnancy bellies are used in some of the most popular TV series and movies that's why we are proud and confident with the quality of our preggy belly. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Or how about pranking your friend who's coming from another country, whom you haven't seen for quite a while? Greet him or her while wearing the fakeababy silicone belly and see how your friend reacts upon seeing you with that preggy belly! If you are a certified fitness buff and are known to flash that astounding abs or six-pack, try wearing the FakeABaby fabric Santa belly and give them the best "Beer Belly Prank" ever. They won't forget the monumental welcome prank you've prepared just for them to show how you are excited for their arrival!

Whether you need our fake pregnancy belly for a Halloween, April Fools Day or birthday prank, for a stage play or film production, for apregnant belly fetish, or for anything that you need a fantastic silicone pregnancy belly, FakeABaby will surely deliver! FakeABaby offers both fabric and silicone pregnancy belly that are ready to fit your event. The silicone 'flesh-colored' pregnant belly and the 'mocha-colored' pregnant belly are great choices if you prefer a specific color to match a skin tone. If you are worried that the pregnant fake belly will be visible through your see-through dress, choosing the fake baby bump color is easy with us. Place your order now for a silicone fake pregnancy belly and achieve that pregnant look in no time! 

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