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Tips To Avoid a Prank Fail

So what exactly is a failed prank or an unsuccessful fake sonogram prank? It’s actually very easy to determine if a gag, prank or a silly antic was disastrous —the prank victims may perhaps have discovered that the situation is a prank or a bogus all along; way too sooner than the prankster has planned of announcing them. It’s okay (but certainly not too okay!) to have a failed prank if you have set up your joke in a super easy way. But what if it was a highly structured prank, or a complex joke at that? It's too hard to accept the fact that you have painstakingly exerted all of your effort, time, patience and money towards a complicated joke, only to end up on an epic fail prank. That is why it is really a good idea to do the following tips in order to guarantee that your efforts will not be put in vain:

1. Pick a never-before-seen prank.

Choose a not so common gag. Old school jokes are fine as they are very funny. We get amused watching traditional videos, but we are aiming for a funny prank that won't turn out to be an epic fail because of premature discovery! A pregnancy announcement is a natural event so pulling off a fake sonogram prank is an effective option and will make others think that the news is incredibly true!

2. Plan thoroughly.

Pick and prepare for the right timing, setting and the ideal people to target as your prank victims. These are the major factors to make your prank successful. It won't be a shocking, hilarious and rewarding joke if your timing is poor.

3. Choose a prank that is harmless.

Make sure that you are planning for a prank that will not pose any danger physically, emotionally and psychologically towards your victims! Not trying to be safe but it's also a good idea to pull off a prank that is not too humiliating or embarrassing for the person. Pull it off For Entertainment Purposes Only and be prepared to announce the truth after the prank. Also, if you have to utilize some other materials which will make the whole set-up a bit messy, ensure that everyone's safe and you do not damage other belongings and/or the property where you are planning to pull it off.

4. Have trustworthy prank accomplices.

Whether it's your mom, dad, siblings or buddies, make sure that the one helping you plan for that marvelous prank is someone who you can trust—so they won't spill the beans about your upcoming gag project!

5. Use an item that is of high-quality.

This determines the legitimate factor and its convincing appeal of your prank overall. Even if you have followed the tips mentioned above, if you are using a tacky and fake-looking item, chances are, your prank victims will find out that everything was just a tomfoolery set up, and you will end up with a failed prank!

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*Image source: PublicDomainPictures / 18043 images via Pixabay under the CC0 Public Domain license.

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