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How To Prank Someone With Fake Ultrasounds And Fake Sonogram Videos

2D Fake Ultrasound Sonogram

Fake Ultrasound - Strip of 4 — 2D Customized

  Celebrity issues, bad publicities, juicy gossips, and controversies often makes our routinary, dull days more exciting. Celebrities and public f...

NEW YEAR: New Butt and New Titties!

There's only a few hours left before we welcome the New Year. Yes, the year 2020 is indeed a challenging year; but let's not deny the fact that the...
Fake medical result

HUGE New Year 2021 Sale!!!

ENJOY OUR HUGE NEW YEAR 2021 SALE!  This is not to be missed!  For amazing prank items, sexy fashion items, and awesome gift ideas, visit F...
Mouse Spider

Wacky Christmas Gift Ideas

No matter what your budget is or how you think Christmas might get a little boring this year, keep in mind that there are plenty of things to be gr...
Fake Silicone boobs

Get a Pair of New Boobies this Christmas

The holiday season has just begun. The time of the year to deck the halls and the memorable merrymaking. A moment to just have fun and spend an awe...
Thanksgiving Sale!!!

Thanksgiving Sale!!!

Enjoy Thanksgiving Day even more with the brilliant items from FakeABaby that are ON SALE! Yes, you heard that right! Because we love you, we are ...
Funny Fake Pregnancy Prank: Fake Positive Pregnancy Test

Funny Fake Pregnancy Prank: Fake Positive Pregnancy Test

There's actually quite a number of places both online and offline where you could buy positive pregnancy test--but are you sure that you are gettin...
Fake Ultrasound

How to buy fake ultrasound generator for free

Free Fake Ultrasounds! Demand the best, demand the original! Printed from a real ultrasound machine. Do not waste your time buying off ebay or that...
Personalized Fake Ultrasound Free Online

Personalized Fake Ultrasound Free Online

Holidays are the most-awaited time of the year. Many people do take note of the upcoming holidays as early as New Year. It is understandable as ho...
Father holding a baby

Unmissable Father's Day Pranks

We shouldn't miss celebrating Father's Day! It is an equally important day to be observed the same way as Mother's Day! Sure dads would like it to...
Dad letter balloon

Father's Day Promo: Spend $40 get 30% OFF!

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash Father's Day is coming. With only a couple weeks left, indeed, June 21 is approaching quickly. So let's start ...
Fake Ultrasound

Fake Ultrasounds to Recover from Miscarriage

The use of a fake ultrasound at home could encourage women and couples to speak up and have an open communication and not to supress their emotions.