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Badass Women Pranks and Fashion


We are all about women empowerment. Gone are the days when women were expected to stick to predictable, traditional activities and to strictly follow the norm. Now more than ever, ladies can enjoy—and are entitled to enjoy—the fun activities and out-of-this-world escapades that celebrate their femininity and their strength of character. Women are passionate and can achieve endless possibilities with determination and self-assurance. We at FakeABaby know that the exhilarating feeling from doing a funny prank should also be enjoyed by women--without sacrificing their classiness, money, time, and effort. We believe that the items that we offer provide women the confidence that they need in order to do more and become the best that they can be.

Pranking is therapeutic. Doing something that makes us laugh and seeing our friends giggle big time, and then creating memories with them, give us something that inspires and empowers us. It's super enjoyable and cathartic to be able to have a good laugh in the midst of our daily routines, deadlines to beat, and challenges to overcome. We cannot underestimate the good vibes brought about by a good laugh and how it can affect our mood and our overall outlook in life.




Prank Items

FakeABaby has a good collection of funny prank toys that are unconventional and never-before-heard and seen, you will be surprised by how effective they are in bringing out the best (and the worst!) in your prank victims. They are absolutely realistic, simple to use, budget-friendly, ultimately hilarious and above all, super classy! You don't need to go for tacky items and a chaotic act for an entertaining and unforgettable prank. Our items such as the fake pregnancy tests, fake ultrasound, and fake sonogram videos, among others, are super straightforward to use as a standalone prank item and they are also effortless to be incorporated to any kind of prank--they're versatile! If you love elaborate pranks and wants to blend a diverting item then FakeABaby is perfect! If you don't have the time to put up an intricate and big prank, then theFakeABaby items are an excellent choice. Our prank items are newbie and expert prankster-friendly!




Fashion Items

For those leaning towards fabulous items that are set to enhance their beauty, allowing to emerge the confidence and girl-power in them, the fashion items from FakeABaby are truly worth having! Got a small cup size? Boost your breast size in as easy as 1, 2, 3 with our astounding silicone items! Our FakeABaby Silicone Huge Boobies are perfect if you want to achieve a 'just-had-a-boob-job' look. They're big, realistic, and very easy to wear! And the best part? It's painless! You don't need breast implants if you have the FakeABaby Silicone Huge Boobies! For a subtle increase in your cup size and to achieve the best look on a dress with a plunging neckline, our Silicone Bra Inserts are marvelous! Oh, and a pancake ass? No problemo! The Silicone Butt Pads Shapewear got you covered!

Our items are also perfect for crossdressers, trans, costume, film production, stage plays, marketing purposes, and so much more!

So, what are you waiting for? Be confident, be playful, and show them your funny and sexy side without sacrificing your class! Go for the FakeABaby Prank Toys and Fashion Items and show them how badass you can get!

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