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Boost Your Butt Size Instantly!

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Be a bombshell – right away! Surprise everyone with a new figure and shock them real good with a funny prank this springtime! FakeABaby offers you the quickest, cheapest yet the most effective way in improving your self-esteem to enhance your look and make your butt bigger - all with the help of FakeABaby's Silicone Butt Shapewear!

If you have a flat butt, the Silicone Butt Shapewear works like magic! It will instantly make your butt bigger, your hips wider, giving you a curvier and shapelier look. Now you can wear the skinny jeans that you've been dying to wear! Say hello to skimpy skirts with your new butt!

Already blessed with a 'moderately-sized' behind? Then the FakeABaby Silicone Butt Shapewear is still essential. It will drastically improve your physique and will immediately lift your butt, making it look firmer and toned. It is recommended of course that you go to the gym and become physically fit, but if you want to get your dream butt in a matter of seconds without having to work hard for it and sans the huge costs for a butt augmentation then the FakeAbaby Silicone Butt Shapewear is the perfect fashion item for you!

Beige or black, you are guaranteed of a stretchable tummy-controlling fabric made of four large, high quality silicone pads made from medical grade silicone, giving you butt pads that provide a natural look and offer a genuine experience as you wear them.

Get to choose among 3 sizes - Small, Medium and Large. The Silicone hip inserts have 3 matching sizes too.

Be fab this spring or be the best prankster with a fake butt implant prank. Order the FakeABaby Silicone Butt Shapewear to make your butt bigger and become more gorgeous and sexified instantaneously!

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