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Hilarious Fake DNA Test Pranks

"So simple, yet so funny." Prepare yourselves for this kind of comment after pulling off a successful prank using one of the best gag gifts on Earth brought to you by FakeABaby!

The most seamless, most uncomplicated and most straightforward gags are the best! Not only it is ideal for you, it is also something entertaining for your gag victims and accomplices. We do not have the luxury of time and gone are the days when we are able to spend plenty of hours to set up an immense prank that will shock your victims for a few seconds. We have deep respect for old school pranks, and we totally adore them but let's all admit that times have changed and we are all very busy and preoccupied with so much tasks to finish, and the last thing that we want to achieve is to carry out a difficult, tedious and time-consuming joke.

You can actually achieve the same kind of success that comes from the traditional, elaborate pranks sans the hassle, sweat and huge costs. Go for a simple and realistic prank - choose a Fake DNA Test Prank!

A Fake DNA Test prank is something painfully funny that you could easily pull off, making your victims not forget the very day that you have persecuted them with the wacky joke. It is perfect for anyone - friends, family and colleagues and it is an excellent prank to let anyone loosen up and simply have a good time!

With these 4 types of Fake DNA Tests offered by Fake A Baby, you will never have a shortage of fun ideas and will not lack those comical moments!

1. Instant Fake DNA Test

Stun your sissy that she is adopted and that her real father is the known crazy guy in your neighborhood!



2. Personalized Fake DNA Test

Make your friends sooo envious of you by showing a fake DNA Test proving that Channing Tatum is your baby daddy!



3. New Style Personalized Fake DNA Test

Shock you annoyingly flirt officemate that the guy whom she is dating is the baby daddy of some random girl.



4. Fake DNA Test Laboratory Style

Enjoy the sophisticated design, elegant style and professional appeal of this Fake Medical DNA test Laboratory Style that even your lab technician friends will be swayed that this is a real thing!

These pranks are the best to pull off temporarily, and for entertainment purposes only. Give them a 5-minute shock and tears of joy after laughing super hard with the Fake DNA Test Prank and other brilliant gag gifts and prank items only from FakeABaby!

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