Christmas Hysteria –


Christmas Hysteria

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Get out from all that seriousness, from being pressured with the Christmas’ wonderful chaos! Playing pretend is soo knee-slapping funny - especially if it's done in a harmless way! So what could be the scariest, or perhaps the most confusing or shocking joke that you could ever pull off towards your family and friends? Well it could be an elaborate and expensive prank that your victims may have already seen on TV - or you may simply opt for a laid-back joke that's classy, easy and super fun - a fake pregnancy test joke for the best Christmas prank!

A pregnancy can actually happen to anyone - oftentimes, it is expected, but how come people still get shocked and shaken when someone announces that they are preggers? Hmm... Well that's because no matter how we see pregnancy as a normal part of our lives, this stage is surely is a life-changing one, so it's quite expected that parents, siblings, families, friends and even our significant others still get surprised and oftentimes dazed when a pregnancy is revealed towards them. This is the best part of a fake pregnancy test prank – it is super realistic and convincing!

Fake Pregnancy Test jokes pulled off this Christmas is guaranteed to make this year's much awaited holiday livelier and more memorable! Just think about your loved ones expecting the usual Christmas gathering - all those wonderful gift-giving, only nice words spoken, enjoyable activities and the ole merry-making - then you break the astonishing news that you are expecting, while showing them a false positive pregnancy test. This prank is already effective to be accomplished by married women, those who are in a relationship and from couples who are already prepared (and expected) to have a baby, so if you are still unprepared for a pregnancy, and then you carried out this stupefying news, well, imagine the horror and terror of those whom you are victimizing, LOL!

There's a lot of news saying that fake pregnancy announcements are getting quite popular and are trending on Facebook. Well, what if you actually show a fake pregnancy test or a fake ultrasound, huh? You can be sure that you will actually get their attention - and you will be able to convince them that your joke is for real. This Christmas, when everyone's super busy and preoccupied with all the yuletide feasts and preparations, break the news that you are preggers- and then reveal afterwards that you were just kidding! They may hate you for that, but at least they get to have a good laugh and laughter is a good stress reliever - so they may just love you for that anyway!

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