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Top 10 Easy New Year's Eve Pranks

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 With the brilliant gag gifts from Fake a Baby, you are bound to have the best New Year's Eve ever! Plan for the perfect holiday prank and see for yourself how refreshing it is to have an epic New Years Eve prank pulled off during the most awaited season of the year!

Holiday pranks are exceedingly fun to carry out. Some are straightforward, while others are quite elaborate. Still, the essence of performing a wondrous prank is to be entertained and to keep others amused as well, and it is quite fantastic to be doing just that on New Year's Eve, where your family and friends are so busy with all the drinking, bingeing, countdown-ing and merrymaking that they will fail to become aware of the despicable prank that awaits them, adoringly prepared by you!

Fake a Baby offers a superfluity of prank items that are perfect for any type of gagging idea or holiday joke concepts. If you are aiming for a totally effective prank, that is unique, easy and comical, then best to browse through the items from Fake a Baby and go with your prank planning from there! Your creative juice will flow in, and you'll be surprised with so many humorous gagging ideas that will come into your mind while you see the one of a kind gagging tools at Fake a Baby!

Take a look at the following New Year's Eve prank and let us know if you need to customize something from this list:

1. New Year's Eve Fake Pregnancy Test Prank

2. New Year's Eve Sonogram Video Prank

3. New Year's Eve Fake Boob Job Prank

4. New Year's Eve Fake Ultrasound Prank

5. New Year's Eve Fake Butt Implants Prank

6. New Year's Eve Fake Pregnancy Announcement Prank

7. New Year’s Eve Fake DNA Test Prank

8. New Year's Eve Fake Pregnant Belly Prank

9. New Year's Eve Fake X-Ray Prank

10. New Year's Eve Fake Prescription Prank

You cannot resist an effortless prank with a high success rate, especially if the main element that you will be using for that phenomenal holiday joke is a spectacular and truly inimitable gag gift. All it takes is a bit of creativity, the best time and place that you plan to pull it off, and an ample amount of self-control to stop yourself from laughing, and that excellent stuff only from the world leader in prank items and gag gifts – Fake a Baby!

Make them laugh heartily this New Year's Eve, while welcoming the fresh year of 2017 with all the good vibes and positivity. Let Fake a Baby help you achieve a bright, happy and memorable NYE with an awesome New Years Eve prank!

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