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Super Affordable Fake Pregnancy Belly

When it comes to quality, you can depend on Fake a Baby. When it comes to affordability, Fake a Baby has definitely something to offer you! With the broad range of ingenious, unique and highly entertaining gag gifts and prank items, it is certain that there is a type of spoofing element that will suit your needs and plan, at a price that will perfectly fit your budget! One of them is the most sought-after fake pregnancy prank item - the Fake a Baby Fake Pregnancy Belly pregnant costume!


$9.99 USD Fake Pregnant Belly Pregnant Costume


Packed with all the necessary features to make your fake pregnant act more comfortable and realistic, the Fake a Baby pregnant costume is really worth buying. For only $9.99 USD, you are sure to be pleased and extremely satisfied with its quality, functionality and the reasonable price of this fake pregnancy belly from Fake a Baby! You will never regret ordering this brilliant product as it is guaranteed to provide a realistic pregnant look for you and an opportunity for everyone to genuinely think that you are actually preggers because of your tremendously convincing pregnancy bump! Enjoy the endless pranking and gagging ideas with this fake preggy belly and have the ultimate fun gagging and skylarking with your family and friends!

What's more, a fake pregnant belly can also be enjoyed for non-pranking and non-goofing around uses! Below are some other options as to where you could put the fantastic fake pregnancy belly from Fake a Baby into good use:

- surrogacy

- cross-dressing

- films and movies

- theatrical productions

- pregnant belly fetishes

- modeling and pictorials

- just for fun!

Transform your fake pregnancy belly to any size and shape that you want by removing or adding a filler using the fresh zipper feature. The awesome Polyfil filler allows you to stretch it out when stuffing this fake pregnancy belly.

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Go ahead and treat yourself with these wonderful gag gifts and pick an exquisite pregnant costume by Fake a Baby!

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