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Fake Ultrasounds to Recover from Miscarriage

The painful events that we encounter in our lifetime often affects us either in a negative way or in a positive way. For us to move on from a traumatic experience and be able to live a higher quality of life after a terrible event, we need to help ourselves by channeling our hurt into productive activities. Otherwise, we may need to seek help through counselling. If you are using an acceptable method and if your goal is to feel better and to be better, you are on the right track.

One of the most unfortunate events that could happen to anyone is a miscarriage. Women and couples oftentime couldn't move on from this hurtful experience. Some do not know how to cope with it which sometimes leads to distress, blame, separation, or divorce. Before it's too late, it is best to work on the issues and address it early on, finding ways on how to handle the grief so that couples could prevent the issue from affecting other areas of their lives. There are plenty of tried-and-tested ways that women or couples could use in coping with miscarriage. 

The use of a fake ultrasound at home could encourage women and couples to speak up and have an open communication and not to supress their emotions. Seeing a fake ultrasound picture at home may bring memories of the past; but since it can also be used to trigger a conversation, the more it is talked about, the more a person or couple could heal and move on.


A great number of women experience an intensified range of emotions after going through a painful event of having a miscarriage. The feelings of sadness, guilt, shame,and blame, combined with anxiety about the event may sometimes lead to depression. It is therefore encouraged to find healthy ways of coping with the said situation. Posting a fake ultrasound with their name on it, a healthy lifestyle, meeting regularly with friends, watching your favorite movies, talking about what you feel, wear a sexy fashion item, reading a good book--anything that could keep you preoccupied could help. No matter how small it is, it would lead to greater progress.

So why choose fake ultrasound pictures? It helps them to accept what have happened, to recover from the painful event through opening up and talking about it which will lead to acceptance and healing. Seeing fake ultrasound pictures can bring back the hope and faith that was once lost. Looking at a fake ultrasound, one will gain strength and hope sooner.

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