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Miscarriage Effects on Relationships: How a Fake Ultrasound Could Help

There are times that a couple's relationship after dealing with a miscarriage can be extremely challenging. Couples do handle miscarriage in different ways. We all have our own way of processing the loss. It helps if there is a deep understanding, open communication, and respect for each other's feelings and differences.

Even though couples have dealt with the painful event, they may have very different ways of dealing with things and express emotions in varying ways. This does not mean that the couple is not strong enough or committed to each other. This just means that you respond to grief individually.

Couples will have all sorts of emotions after miscarriage to deal with. Some couples grow closer after the painful event. Others may be torn apart.

There are times that couples may also feel frustrated. One of them may not want to talk about what happened, or one of them may be upset that the other is not as expressive as they are. They may feel that their partner does not understand how they think and feel.

As a couple, they will have different reactions to the painful event. Both of you may feel alone. You may start to wonder if you should be together at all. Try to remember that this is normal to feel this way, and it doesn't mean that the marriage or relationship is falling apart.

Couples may opt to not talk about it for the first few days. Others would like to reach out and communicate what they feel. They will struggle with this because they feel the loss. This is were they need to support each other or to ask for help from families or support group. No matter what issue it is that the couple is facing, they should aim to get through it together and emerge stronger.

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There are plenty of ways that couples could cope. They could travel, post a fake ultrasound on their bedroom wall to aid acceptance and healing, try a new recipe, go out with friends, and if needed, go through counselling.

Remember, communication is key. Couple should try to talk and listen to each other. This will help them to become more understanding of how each other feels and will help them come to terms with the loss, heal from the tough situation, and move on successfully.

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The most important thing is to remember the essence of your relationship which is to love and help each other. By listening, respecting, and being empathic enough to each other, each couple will overcome the painful experience.

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