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Fake Pregnancy Test

This is a very convincing yet hilarious prank! Use the FakeABaby fake pregnancy test

Fake DNA Result

A legit fake ultrasound or fake DNA test results are also awesome picks for a family prank item!

Family pranks are so much fun. While moms and dads are in charge of the day-to-day care of the kids, they could learn so much from it! Parents also deserve some hilarious moment to simply relax. It is a therapeutic way to forget the daily stresses of life momentarily. Grandparents are also deserving of some funny time and most of them have the exclusive jobs of just enjoying their grandkids. What better fun than playing some gags on them! Hilarity and tomfoolery know no age limits. Parents and grandparents alike could enjoy a prank that is shocking yet harmless and ultimately fun! So here are just some of funny parent prank or grandparents prank to make your time at home extra special!

1. Creepy Bugs 

People seldom see bugs as being creepy. Prepare ice cubes with fake bugs toys frozen into them. Use them to cool whatever drink a family member asks for or whatever you plan to serve for your family, friends, or guests. Put them on their drinks and see the shock on their faces!

2. Cup Adventure

Write different tasks or instructions on a piece of paper inside a cup turned upside down and watch the fun. Grandparents will sure get a kick out of their grandkids' reaction to finding this strange message on a container. You can prepare a prize for the member or group who finished the task first!

3. Fake Pregnancy Prank

This is a very convincing yet hilarious prank. As pregnancy happens in our lives, it is a natural occurrence and so a truly believable news to announce! Use the FakeABaby: fake positive pregnancy test, and tell your parents or siblings that you've peed on the test (but in actuality, it's just water!) then let them see the test yield a false positive result--and wait for the crazy reaction you'd get! A fake pregnancy belly is also a great tool to pull off a fake pregnancy prank online!

4. Trouble in Tech Paradise

This is a more sophisticated and truly frustrating prank for your prank victims! If a family member loves playing with their gadgets or computers then they will probably enjoy a good laugh by having their wifi password changed or by installing a cracked screen on their phone. You can even take it further, and remove and rearrange the keyboards to give them quite a time to figure out what's going on! Creativity can go a long, long way!

5. Faucet Fun

Do you plan on having your cousins or grandkids over? If so, this is an ideal bathroom prank! Put a clear tape secretly on the faucet and it will surprise them with lots of splashes here and there! This is a harmless water prank so no need to worry! A legit fake ultrasound or fake DNA test results are also awesome picks for a family prank item! In these trying times, let us find the beauty of life by pulling off something that will make everyone happy and have absolute fun!

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