Meaningful with Cruelty Fake Pregnancy Prank Ideas –

Meaningful with Cruelty Fake Pregnancy Prank Ideas

Different pranks have always been a part of our lives. Whether it is pulled off in real life, staged pranks on TV, or the ones done online, pranks became the great escape from the monotony of our lives.

Below are some prank ideas that are both easy and enjoyable!

1. Fake Pregnancy Prank

Fake Pregnancy Document


There are plenty of ways to pull off a harmless yet hilarious fake pregnancy prank. Use the fake pregnancy documents offered by FakeABaby and prank your parents. Get a fake pregnancy test that yields a false positive (even a male's pee will generate a positive sign, LOL!) and send pregnancy test pictures to your siblings and friends. This is the perfect time to indulge into humor and creativity, to spread cheer and laughter to everyone!

2. Donut Trickery


 donut photo unsplash

This is truly a great prank if you want to disappoint someone who has a sweet tooth! Prepare a huge stack of donut boxes in the break room or at home and it will set everyone in a good mood. Then, replace those donuts with healthy snacks like celery stalks, carrot slices, apples or orange slices. Everyone might hate you for it but it would be totally worth it to see the look on their faces. It's not only a great prank, but it's a great way to encourage healthy eating. This is meaningful cruelty!

3. Annoyed by the Mouse

Wireless Mouse

 mouse photo unsplash

A classic office prank or home prank is this tomfoolery that involves computers. Place a little bit of sticky tape and a small piece of paper over the laser part on the bottom of an officemate or family member's mouse to render it frustratingly defective. Take this prank to another level by switching one co-worker's wireless mouse with another's. Let the fun continue in watching them try to figure out what's really going on! 

4. Sweet Onions


 onion photo unsplash

The holiday season is just round the corner. And sweet office treats are going to be plentiful. You should set yourself apart by being bold enough to pull off a sweet onion prank! Dip onions in melted caramel, caramel syrup, or melted chocolate, and capture on video how they take a bite on the seemingly luscious treats, before their teeth dig into the juicy onions. So mean yet so fun!

5. Post-It Infestation

 Post-It Infestation

 post it photo unsplash

Post-Its are old school office, school, or home tools that are very helpful in managing our time and productivity. In actuality, it is also an amazing gag tool that will bring everyone heaps of fun and laughter! Given that Post-Its are used to leave messages and reminders for people, it will be an unforgettable day for them seeing their entire desk, office space or bedroom covered in Post-it's from floor to celling. Make sure though that when you tidy up, to gather the said Post-Its to re-use!

Make everyday an April Fool's Day with these funny office prank ideas coupled with the superb prank items and gag gifts from FakeABaby!