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There are moments in your life when you feel like just slacking around, doing nothing, then out of the blue a lightbulb starts to pop, and boom! Suddenly, you just begin to feel that certain zest for life, feeling so motivated to get some good giggle and laugh with your friends and thinking that making someone chortle super hard will just make their day. Regardless if they get shocked or angry at first, the bottom-line is they will still fall off their chair laughing about it, and that incident will become a memory that’s surely set to put a grin on their face in the years to come! 

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If you have an amazing idea to liven up your day or to spice up your buddy’s monotonous routine then this is guaranteed to hit that goal! But what if you don't wanna fritter too much money? What if you don't have the luxury of time to set up a complex trick? What if you just want to pull off a silly gag in a snap? Well then Fake a Baby is here to help you make that happen! With the wide range of funny prank items, fake pregnancy gags such as a fake baby belly, alongside your imagination and the will to extend the amusement and hilarity, the possibilities are indeed hysterically endless!


Fake Pregnancy Tests

Fake Ultrasounds and Fake Sonograms

Fake DNA Tests

Fake Pregnancy Documents

Fake Pregnancy Bellies

Fake Pregnant Boobs

Go ahead. Life is short. As long as what you have in mind is genuinely to infect people with happiness and positivity, and not to fool them permanently, then feel free to give them a temporary headache by being surprised, shocked, and get a hearty laughter afterwards with a fake baby belly prank, or anything from these fake pregnancy gag items! Come on, turn that little drama into an endless mirth and cheerful vibe!

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