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Flat Chest No More

Tired of being labeled as having a teenage boy's physique ever since? Feeling like having smaller breasts is making you less sexy? If you're having confidence issues, especially with how your bra size makes your overall look less satisfactory and definitely less pretty, then you don't need to waste too much time and energy working out on that exercise routine to make your "girlfriends" look bigger. You don't have to spend so much money on surgery and no need to worry about the pain and inconvenience that goes along the said procedure afterwards. Fake a Baby, known for its quality and durable silicone products, has been offering the fake silicone boobs that will surely make your lifelong wish come true - sans the hassles!

   Image courtesy of patrisyu via FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

These fake silicone boobs breast inserts look very realistic. You can choose from 4 sizes - Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large. Most of the time, upon successful completion of your order, Fake a Baby will immediately ship it in less than 24 hours. No need to wait for too long before laying your hands on your prized silicone bra inserts! You can also pick between Brown or Nude color. Oh, isn't that just amazing! Yes! Even choosing a pair of silicone bra inserts are done YOUR way! 

The job of this pair of fake silicone boobs isn't only limited to boosting your self-esteem and making your physique more proportionate. This can also be used for fake pregnancy pranks, alongside a fake pregnancy belly. This is also a useful element for movies and stage performances where you need a realistic pregnant boobs, in addition to a pregnancy belly.