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Grab More Presents

You may not know it, but getting a fake pregnancy belly may be one of the smartest purchases you’ll ever make. Why? Well, for only a few bucks, you could use a high-quality, durable and most authentic looking silicone belly in a multitude of occasions! If being imaginative is natural to you or you're feeling bored and want to spice things up, look no further as the fake pregnancy belly is here!

The fake pregnancy belly has a size of a 38-week pregnancy. It is made of a smooth fabric made of excellent material so it looks natural and oh so real to touch. The elastic band is adjustable so it could fit anyone. Wearing this awesome pregnancy belly costume is definitely fuss-free!

Wanna get more presents? You know what to do- be pregnant, at any time! Having a hard time standing on a bus or train every morning? Wear your belly suit as a "sympathy suit" and be guaranteed of a seat each time. There are actually countless ways as to where and when to use this amazing item. Filmmakers, stage play producers, students, employees, Santa Clause wannabes, pranksters, and those OC fellas wanting to keep a go-to funny item at home love the Fake a Baby fake pregnancy belly.


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