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Halloween Fake X-Ray Trick or Treat

Image Courtesy of diggersstory via Pixabay and can be reused under the CC BY license.


Scaring the crap out of your family, friends, and officemates is absolutely "in" this Halloween. And vindicate yourself too in performing a harmless prank towards your enemies, reminding them that you can do something on a different level, and you definitely have the capacity to get even with them - in a good way! Do it with a Halloween Fake X-Ray trick! 

A Halloween Fake X-Ray prank is a lighthearted type of a mirthful antic that you can serve to trick or treat your victim and is also an effective way to create memories! On Halloween, call your family that you couldn't come home for your Halloween celebration due to a mishap - and show them the Fake a Baby fake x-ray. Can't imagine how your folks would react but think about the giggles and surprise that they get when you suddenly tell them that everything's just a gag. Phone your buddies that you can't make it to the Halloween party because you've been having an upset stomach for several days, have just decided to go to the doctor yesterday, yet still indisposed to attend to the event because of a foreign object found in your body - then forward them a photo of the fake x-ray. A multitude of reactions and a mixture of disgust, odd feeling and shock await you! There's no need to put on that Dracula or Scream mask to scare them, a Halloween fake X-ray prank is super effective. This is not only a daunting time for them, but a chance for you to find out who loves you despite of your "condition" and who's the ultimate gossipmonger among your friends!

Wishing a fantastic Halloween this year? The Fake a Baby's Halloween Fake X-Ray is all you need!

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