Keep Your Surrogacy a Secret with These Surrogacies –


Keep Your Surrogacy a Secret with These Surrogacies

Nowadays, going through surrogacy has made the dream of childless couples or those who have fertility issues do come true. Most of these couples actually keep surrogacy in private to avoid issues and controversies that may affect their family, especially their child, in the future.

Fortunately, there are so many options to utilize in order to perfectly hide if you are using a surrogate. Wearing a surrogacy fake pregnant belly, faking a pregnancy, and pretending to be pregnant while your surrogate mom carries your baby makes you focus on your pregnancy more rather than dealing with so many judgments, opinions, and explanations. Many celebrities have done it so you can, too!

Here is some information to help you decide why surrogacy is the best for you and that keeping it confidential will release you from any problems!

There are two forms of surrogacy. The first option is when the mother provides her own egg. The surrogate mother is inseminated with the semen of the father and therefore offers both her own uterus and her own egg. The surrogate mother is also in fact the biological mother of the child.

Another option is when an IVF procedure is done using the semen from the father and eggs from the mother--the embryo is then being transferred to the surrogate's uterus. The surrogate mother carries and then gives birth to the "biological" child of the future parents. For women who have problems conceiving or have issues remaining pregnant, this is the only possibility of having their own genetic child.

Going on a surrogacy or not, pregnancy may be challenging, but the fact that you are able to have a biological child of your own is a great motivation in itself. 

Keeping your surrogacy a secret and faking a pregnancy is now easier than ever, with the help of the fake pregnant bellyfake pregnant boobsfake pregnancy test kitsfake ultrasounds, and many more items that could help you on your journey HERE.



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