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Naughty Women Pranks


When naughty and crazy pranks for women are being talked about, a lot of gag concepts and amazing tomfoolery ideas may come to mind. It's really amazing how a woman can pull off a ladies prank, showing her wild side yet still maintaining her stylishness and poise. There's actually a lot of women pranks that are both time-tested and fresh, yet there are some that your friends may have never heard or seen before. Here at FakeABaby, we ensure that you’re gonna have fun while still looking sexy and pretty with our wide range of women prank items and gag gifts that are perfect for an awesome lady that you are!

In need for a prank that will torment your boyfriend momentarily? Pull off a Fake Pregnancy Test Kit Prank that's for entertainment purposes only and give him a temporary shock while you control yourself from snickering and chuckling as you break the news that you're pregnant. Make it extra shocking and totally more realistic by showing him the FakeABaby fake pregnancy test that yields a false positive — all the time!

Just a subtle prank, you say? Well, the Fake Butt Implants Prank using the FakeABaby Silicone Butt Pads is an effective item that will give you a triumphant prank among your family and friends! Puzzle them as they get confused if you have just recently went for a booty surgery or simply goof around and tell them that you've just taken the plunge… getting inspired by the Kardashians! However you carry out the Fake Butt Implants Prank, you can rest easy knowing that you've got a sparkling item that boosts and enhances your derrière!

Prank your hubby... or perhaps tease him with the FakeABaby Silicone Huge Boobies Prank! Spice up a regular night with a more provocative getup or improve your role-playing with porn star-like boobies that will surely shock, impress and excite your hubby instantly! Or....

Tell your friends that you recently had a boob job. Send photos of your new figure as you wear the FakeABaby Silicone Huge Boobies and see how they react!

If you just want an instant cleavage to surprise everyone, making them realize that you are not really flat-chested, why not wear the Fake Soft Touch Silicone Boobs or the New Fake Silicone Boobs? This adds a more delicate oomph to your chest compared to the humongous Silicone Huge Boobies, but upon wearing it, you will realize how it dramatically transforms your figure, and your self-confidence! Whether you use this for pranking or to boost your self-esteem, you will be impressed by the quality and look of these silicone boob products!

Try these Naughty Woman Pranks and show your funny side. Be sexy, be funny and be happy!

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