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Spread Ultimate Fun on a Holiday


It's very likely that everyone will be pulling off a common prank these days. So to stand out, make sure that you are having an impressive and totally unique prank, like the Fake DNA Test Prank!

It's so distinct that you won't even think that a certain kind of prank such as this does exist. Imagine how realistic and convincing this gag would be if you plan to pull it off towards your prank victims. When sifting through thousands of common pranks, a test gag like a fake DNA test will surely stand out. Amazing!

Elevate your tomfoolery and pranking ways with the help of FakeABaby's marvelous Fake DNA Test Kits that you can flexibly and creatively personalize. For those who are new to pranks and gags, the New Style Personalized Fake DNA Test is perfect as you can carry out an incredible and effective prank in just a matter of minutes — sans the elaborate setup and huge expenses! Any acting abilities or skills are not needed too. Even seasoned pranksters will be drawn and get fascinated by this prank toy that can be pulled off in a straightforward, natural and fuss-free way, yet can provide tremendous shock among the prank victims. Make those involved feel as if they are in the middle of a Hollywood controversy or a shocking public revelation with a Fake DNA Test prank in so many ways!

Treat your mom or dad to a painfully hilarious joke with a Fake DNA Test kit from FakeABaby! Show them a "Match" or a "Mismatch" certificate after the result of your so-called DNA test from a local laboratory has been released. See their reactions overflow with disbelief as you tell them that they are not your real parents or your sibling is not their biological child. Or reveal to your husband that your baby daddy is an A-lister celeb. Wow! What a wicked yet funny element to add to your next family party or reunion!

You can also pull off the craziest and funniest prank on your friends! Tell them that your baby daddy is Elon Musk or a member of the royal family with a wacky fake DNA test. Perfect for birthdays, bachelorette parties, bridal parties or any girls-night-out pranks!

The New Style Personalized Fake DNA Test comes with a DNA Collection Kit that includes cotton swabs and test tubes, and DNA certificates that say "Match" and another one for "Mismatch". Usually, you can ask the subjects or your prank victims to give a sample to be 'tested' but if you think that they're not aware that an actual DNA Test result will take time to be released, then see their awe, shock and terror as you reveal to them the result from your New Style Personalized Fake DNA Test!

Have fun! Get it NOW!

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