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Sexy Santa Costumes


Santa costumes are everywhere—but if you're leaning towards a sexy Santa costume, you've come to the right place—FakeABaby!

FakeABaby is a much-loved destination for awesome and truly out-of-this-world prank items that are seemingly magical, you are guaranteed of convincing your prank victims and then pulling off a successful prank easily! Our fake tests kits are superb enough to always yield a false positive and to reflect a result that you intend to appear on it, totally allowing your friends and family to fall for the practical joke that you've been pulling off. Hilarious!

And what's not to love even more with FakeABaby? Sexy, is the word! That's right! If you are planning to pull off a 'Sexy Santa' costume this holiday, make sure that you exemplify what 'sexy' and 'hot' truly means. Aside from our yuletide-centered Santa Belly Costume which is also a fantastic item, you can enjoy a lot of options when it comes to our Silicone Boobs that are perfect for you to achieve a voluptuous figure behind a cool Santa costume!

Are you flat-chested and worried that a sexy Mrs. Santa costume won't fit on you perfectly? Don't worry. Our Silicone Bra Inserts are the answer! Achieve the just right amount of oomph as you strut with your cute costume. Not too revealing but sexy enough to catch everyone's attention or to simply boost your confidence!

Do you want to achieve your lifelong dream of having absolutely huge boobs? We've got you covered! With our Silicone Huge Boobies, you don't need to go under the knife and spend thousands of dollars for a boob job. In a matter of a few seconds, you can get the big boobs that you've been wanting...or should we say, instantaneously!

For those who will be wearing a skimpy Santa outfit but worried that you can't give justice to the skimpy skirt, our Silicone Butt Pads are the answer! This shapewear will help you gain a svelte figure in no time.

Our santa costume, silicone boobies, and shapewear are truly easy to wear and very comfortable. You won't notice that it's there! But, be prepared to enjoy all the stares, compliments, and confidence from your new figure. Thanks to FakeABaby's sexy items. Be confident this Christmas and New Year! 

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