Blake Lively Will Hate You Forever –


Blake Lively Will Hate You Forever

This is wrong. This is just so wrong. But... 

So Ryan Reynolds is your longtime crush, huh? And it broke your heart that Blake Lively has successfully put this Deadpool star under her magic spell. Well, obviously, we can't blame Ryan, right? Ok, sorry for adding insult to the injury, but really Blake is a gorgeous gal. Well, you just can't do anything about it. Gotta accept that you and Ryan's paths won't ever cross in this lifetime (perhaps on the next, who nows?) or if you happen to have met him in person - then that's just about it. That your names aren't really written in the stars. But what if you could actually make him your baby daddy - just for fun! Transform your dream into a reality that would make you extremely popular among your family and peers. They're gonna love you for spreading this knee-slapping joke at home or for making your full workplace an extra comical space for increasing the good vibes!

Are you a single parent? Parenthood is ultimately rewarding and noble, and we can be truly proud of the responsible single parents everywhere who are doing their best in nurturing their child. Are you feeling stressed and want to loosen up a bit? Is your birthday approaching and are you in need of a birthday prank to treat your guests into? Or are you just feeling all burnt out at work and needed an antic to uplift yourself and all those people around you? The fake DNA test from Fake a Baby is a surefire way to make everyone temporarily forget all of their problems in life!

Use a Fake DNA Test to brighten up your life! FakeABaby has two types of fake DNA tests that are ready to wow you and the people around you!


1. Fake DNA Test Laboratory Style


2. Instant Fake DNA Test

Start making your fantasies come to life through a wondrous fake DNA prank! Life is short. Just strive to be happy! :) 

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