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Time to Impress Them


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Remember the time when Hollywood celebs goofed around with their fantastic "celebrity fake pregnancy pranks"! It was a massively funny joke that put a lot of people in a massive state of shock, then hilarity afterwards. Many people also opt to pull off a comical fake pregnancy prank as it's super easy to accomplish, affordable, classy, not to mention foolproof. Some may be artistic enough to create a setting to intensify the mood while doing their prank. Others just depend on their acting abilities in making their fake pregnancy prank believable. Regardless, if you want to make it an intricate prank or a pretty straightforward joke, the fake medical tests from FakeABaby will surely drive them nuts!

But what if you can make your ultimately convincing prank even more realistic? What if you could polisg up your prank's legitimate and accurate? Then you can certainly do so with these magnificent fake pregnancy documents from FakeABaby!

These fake pregnancy documents could be used for your standalone prank or to enhance the genuine-factor of your fake pregnancy prank!


1. Personalized Fake Birth Announcement

You can use this after you've just pulled off a fake pregnancy prank or you can definitely just post this on your social media page, showing them that the "good news" is just being published on the local newspaper! This will be stupefying for some, especially for those who didn't even have any idea that you have even conceived. It's true, an April Fool’s joke can be doable in anytime of the year!


2. Personalized Fake Proof of Pregnancy Document

This is mind-blowing item that will perfectly complement your fake ultrasound or fake pregnancy test strip prank! But this can still be used solo for your fake proof of pregnancy document joke. There's so many "Age of Pregnancy" to choose from. Postmenopausal? Yes, it's about time to drive them nuts! :'D


3. Personalized Fake X-Ray

Wear a fake pregnant belly and tell them that you may be pregnant, then stun them that you just have a bottle inside your tummy, LOL! Scare anyone and you'd become the most unforgettable person in the whole world!

So fun right? Personalizing these fake pregnancy documents and actually putting your prank into reality is way even fun-ner! Also see our equally exciting prank items and gag gifts here: Fake Medical Tests

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