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Give in To an Explosive But Harmless Post-New Year Prank


You won't get exhausted with all the parties, get-together and all the fun on New Year! And just as you've thought that it won't get any fun-ner, well, the hilarious prank items from FakeABaby is here to spice up further your already exciting New Year and the rest of your year!

There's no better way to complement all the pretty fireworks and the fabulous noise that includes with an equally 'explosive' prank. Let your friends and prank victims hear the explosion of your prank—in a figurative way—letting them indulge in a funny post-New Year prank that they can't say no to!

FakeABaby is known to have a great collection of unique and phenomenal gag gifts set to provide shocking and fiery reactions from your loved ones and friends this New Year!

Prank your hubby or significant other that you are pregnant with a fake pregnancy test kit prank—will he shout for joy or scream with shock?

Pull off a fake ultrasound prank on your mom and dad, and see their reaction as you hand them a personalized 3D fake ultrasound, all with your name on it. But make sure to divulge the truth after a couple minutes!

Go to your family get-together with a new set of titties—well, make them think that way! Wear a pair of our Huge Silicone Boobies and pull off the best and a monumental fake boob job!

Want to tell your friends that your baby daddy is no other than Jason Mom0a or Ryan Reyn0lds, just for fun? Well, have it your way as you show them a fake DNA test result that shows your baby's DNA and that of Jason or Ryan as a 'Match'. This is a fun prank that's perfect for bachelorette and even stag parties!

Need a wondrous gift that will also serve as a funny prank? Our Fake Prescriptions will do just that! Think about a quirk or a habit that a family member or a friend has and order a personalized medicine for that: a medicine for slacking, womanizing, being a sleepyhead or being a shopaholic—whatever your prank victim's habit is, you can order a make-believe medicine for it. Brilliant!

Match the dazzling festivities and create happy memories by adding some humor and fun to it using the refreshing prank items and gag gifts from FakeABaby!

See our funny prank items for a fun New Year HERE.

Image: Free-Photos via Pixabay under the Creative Commons CC0

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