Super Easy Halloween Pranks –


Super Easy Halloween Pranks


Have a thrilling time scaring off your prank victims this Halloween with these easy Halloween pranks! Prepare your spooky Halloween costumes and gather all the courage that you will need in carrying out that perfect Halloween plan that you have carefully prepared for!

Sure you want them to gradually give in to that scary scenario that you are about to launch this Halloween, but if you want to introduce them with a some sort of an "appetizer" prank, before actually allowing them to indulge into your main horseplay - which is the highlight of your Halloween scheme, then Fake a Baby is here to bestow you with the Halloween items that are perfect for your introductory, starter joke, add-on gag, or whatever-you-call-it prank!

Imagine pulling off a prank towards your victims, without them realizing that another huge trick is set to victimize them. You're gonna be in for the prank of a lifetime, no doubt about it! Not everyone will expect another prank to be done to them, just moments after they were being pranked so there lies the additional excitement and extra OMG factor to your prank!

So what are the other simple pranks to pull off before your major gag?

A Fake Sonogram Video prank is a successful Halloween trick for your family and friends to enjoy. So all of you are busy for the upcoming Halloween party, right? Why not surprise them a day before Halloween with a news that you are actually pregnant? Show them the Fake a Baby Fake Sonogram Video with all your details on it and you are sure to flabbergast your friends and scare your folks and sibs! If you want to take it to another level, why not wear the Fake a Baby fake preggy belly to intensify it even more?

A Fake Pregnancy Test Prank is another cool item set to initially fright everyone, but will enable y'all to have a good snicker afterwards. While all of you are actually arranging and getting all busy for the forthcoming Halloween event, why not drop the news that you are pregnant and that you have just seen the result of the Fake Pregnancy Test? Show them the result to make it even more realistic, and see how surprised and flabbergasted they would get!

Whether you are looking for an easy Halloween prank as an entrée prank, a standalone trick or an add-on joke, you will never regret pulling off these easy Halloween pranks by getting your Halloween gag gifts and prank items from Fake a Baby! :)

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