The Tale of the Fake Positive Pregnancy Test Joke –


The Tale of the Fake Positive Pregnancy Test Joke

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Ever wonder which prank to accomplish if you don't have the time, budget and creativity? No need to worry as to where to obtain the tool to pull off that wondrous prank that you are planning. With the help of the ever ingenious gag gift collection of Fake a Baby, stressing out for the next prank is a thing of the past!

There's a surfeit of prank items or a fake positive pregnancy test to choose from which are non-pregnancy and pregnancy-related. If you feel like carrying out a pregnancy related prank is magnificent, then go for it! Keep in mind that your gag should be purely "For Entertainment Purposes" only and you do not have any plans of inflicting long-term damage to your victims. Playing pretend and divulging the truth that everything was just a prank after a few minutes is totally all right, and you are definite to have a safe, memorable and surely effective pregnancy related prank!

Remember the prank wherein a student received a call, via loud speaker, from the clinic where she had her pregnancy test taken, in front of her professor? You can actually recreate it with your husband, boyfriend, family and friends! It is the kind of joke that is totally classy, easy and best of all - foolproof! Order from the three types of Fake Pregnancy Tests from Fake a Baby and pick the right one for the pranking setup that you have in mind.

Want to take revenge from your boyfriend's April Fools Prank? Spice up your relationship with a funny and totally entertaining comeback! Getting pregnant can happen to anyone, especially to the ones who are in a relationship, so if you trick your boyfriend that you are pregnant, especially if you prove it with a fake positive test, then you are assured that you will be successful in pranking him!

Look at these super realistic fake pregnancy tests and you will realize that they look identical to those pregnancy test kits that you see on drugstores!

1. Classic Fake Pregnancy Test

2. New Fake Pregnancy Test

3. Super New Fake Pregnancy Test

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