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Things to Do Before August Ends

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Summer may soon be over in some areas and states in the USA, but it doesn't mean that you have to drag yourself into being dreadful and down, and feeling like the fun is all over. Actually, brightening up your day is surely in your hands. No need to dwell on the negativities. Look at every season with gratefulness, and opportunity for you to better yourself, finding ways to make your life extra awesome!

It's a great idea to have fun before the summer is over. It will make summertime even more memorable, while energizing you for the coming of the new season. There are plenty of ways to have a massively fun time, without spending too much. Simple things to pull off are present without you having to waste so much time, money and effort in organizing one. You can travel on a budget. Go swimming at a nearby beach or resort. Have that slice of cake that you have been avoiding since you went on a diet. Invite your friends to come over for that recipe that you've just prepared for them. Do a good deed like attend a fund-raising event or lend a helping hand towards a neighbor. Or simply slack around and recharge yourself from that much-needed, 10-hour sleep that you have been needing all along after finishing that tiring audit.

But one of the most tried-and-tested ways to have fun, sans the huge costs yet still becoming guaranteed that you all will have a tremendous time laughing for hours is a summer prank. Pranks are refreshing to the prankster himself, it's so exhilarating for the victims and very invigorating to the ones involved, including the spectators! Remember that time that you felt so inspired and elated from too much laughing caused by watching a super funny 5-minute prank on YouTube? This is the most suitable time to enjoy a prank, and to start creating precious memories!

A Fake Prescription Prank is an excellent summer prank! Joke around that you've just gotten a prescription for your sissy's chronic vanity. Show your colleague a pill to correct his procrastination habits. Prank your friend that you already obtained the right meds for his unacceptable dating ways, and so much more! Personalize your Fake Prescription here: PERSONALIZED FAKE PRESCRIPTION

If you need more pranking ideas, you'll get the best here: FUNNY PRANK IDEAS

Be thankful for the blessings and learning experiences that have come along your way this season! And while it's only a matter of days before this season ends, make sure to appreciate the wonderful things that will arrive in your life. Life is beautiful, so make sure to seize the moment - and pull off a crazy summer prank now!  

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