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The Easiest Ways to Pull off a Fake Pregnancy Test Prank


Fake a Baby's uber popular collection of fake pregnancy tests have proven to be the most effective gag gift in bringing smile and hilarity to everyone! Fun-loving women adored the elegance of the Classic Fake Pregnancy Test so much that some of them have even used it for their bachelorette and bridal parties. Those who are edgy enjoyed using the modern look and feel of the Super New Fake Pregnancy Test when making their significant others fall prey to their seemingly-dangerous, but definitely harmless fake pregnancy test joke. The New Fake Pregnancy Test on the other hand is equally fantastic and convincing enough - it looks just like the real pregnancy tests you see on TV, drugstores, and just might resemble the one that the obstetricians use in their clinics!

The New Fake Pregnancy Test is an excellent item if you want to take revenge to a cheating boyfriend. Of course, this test should only to be used for entertainment purposes only, and you are classy enough not to destroy someone else's life and stoop down to his level, right? But what if you could destroy his sanity even for just an hour? How about that? Send him a text with the photo of the false positive fake pregnancy test and also CC his girlfriend and tell them that you're preggers. Then sit back, relax and let nature take its course. Then after an hour, tell them that everything was just a joke, with a heartfelt message releasing everything to karma itself.

You can also take revenge when your boyfriend has pulled off his Fake Proposal Prank on you! Do a fake pregnancy test prank with the help of the New Fake Pregnancy Test and give him a taste of his own medicine!

Do you plan to spice up the night for your hubby? Give him the fake pregnancy joke, and while he's still absorbing the news, reveal to him that all was just a joke and that you have just purchased a super sexy lingerie just for him - to make up for your crazy antic!

Shock your mom and dad with a fake pregnancy test, just days after telling them that you've recently got a promotion, or after your company have planned to send you overseas for a conference. But be sure to prepare a succulent meal after revealing to them that you were just pranking them!

So go ahead, indulge in an ultimately effective and totally refreshing gag with these Fake a Baby Fake Pregnancy Tests!

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